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Why not real leather?
Huge amounts of fossil fuels are consumed in livestock production as well, and cow-derived leather has almost three times the negative environmental impact as its synthetic counterparts, including polyurethane (PU) leather.

The production of leather hurts animals, the environment, and the workers who manufacture it. The only ones who benefit are people who profit from the misery and suffering of others. Thankfully, there are plenty of sustainable vegan leather options to choose from today that mimic the properties of leather without the cruelty to animals or environmental devastation.

For ethical and environment reasons we have chosen to use Polyurethane as our products are not mass produced, they are small batch produced and designed to last and not be thrown away.


Harness Materials
Our harnesses are made using 100% vegan polyurethane "leather" which is inherently more eco-friendly than most other plastics. It also doesn't contain any chemicals that interfere with endocrine and hormone systems, nor does it contribute to PH change in soil or water.

This is a very strong material and able to withstand heat and moisture, which means that waste is reduced, because a single polyurethane item, such as our harnesses, can be used repeatedly for longer periods than other materials and will not stretch or wear out like PVC or other plastic alternatives. Oftentimes, polyurethane can be recycled into a very similar product that it was originally made for. Since polyurethane is able to take on many forms, it is easy to melt down and use a mould for discarded materials to make a new part or product.

If you no longer need or desire your Lolli Wraps, we highly recommend giving  them a second life by selling to another home. They can easily be cleaned for a life with a new owner and will last a long time. 

Because Polyurethane is non-toxic it will not irritate or cause any toxic negative effects to your skin and is also more breathable than other types of synthetic leather, such as PVC.


Plant-based bio corn "leather".
We understand that while we are very environmentally conscious, our Polyurethane harnesses may not be the best sustainable choice long term and as we grow. That’s why we also offer something amazing! CORN "LEATHER"! our new environmentally friendly vegan "leather" harness range! 

We have released some of our most popular styles in 100% biodegradable, eco friendly, corn "leather". And it is SO soft, you wouldn't have felt anything quite like it. Our corn leather collection is going to be special for more reasons that just the material though. Because corn leather isn't available yet in pastels we decided to take this as an opportunity to broaden our colour range! Cherry Red, Mush-mellow White and Liquorice Black. Yumm! 


Hardware materials
Our hardware is made from Iron and is Nickel free. Nickel is a metal substance that is not good for the human body. Our hardware is hang plating (a kind of colouring process), better than barrel-roll plating, it looks smoother and brighter and not easy to fade. 


LUST Collection - Corn Peel info 
Thats right, our new corn "leather" is made from 100% corn peel. Launching in Liquorice Black, Cherry Red and Marshmallow White. Corn leather is super soft yet strong and is hydrolysis resistant meaning it's more breathable than synthetic leather.

80% Biobased Carbon
20% Fossil Carbon
100% degradable
No plastic ingredients

What is biodegradable leather?
Biodegradable leather is made of biobased material, our biobased leather is made of corn starch. It is 100% sustainable and renewable and it is biodegradable and will not cause Carbon dioxide when it is biodegraded so it can reduce the influence on our environment.

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