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By Lolli Wraps

Say Hello To Our Most Inclusive Sizing Ever

You asked for it, we made it!

Our new drop is here and we’re so excited to share it with you all. As always, our dream is to get as many angels as possible expressing themselves in Lolli Wraps. We want to be a brand for everyone
no matter what your size, gender or sexuality, and we’ve always been pretty proud of our inclusivity. But our size range was our weak spot. We knew it, you knew it. And you told us!

We’ve been carefully reading all of your emails, responding to all of your voice notes in the dm's and taking in all the email queries we’ve had about our current sizing range. Tiana has been totally guided by your feedback and even created a folder on her laptop so she could properly gather everyone’s opinions. As the honorary extra member of the Lolli Wraps design team, all of you lovelies have had a part in this new collection without even knowing it. 

We want to be the brand you need us to be, so we knew it was time to expand our offering. So, say hello to our new and improved size range. The new wider collection goes from petite, small, mid and curve. It covers 22” to 49” waists, 31” to 55” hips and even 5” to 11” wrists. We can (and will) expand even more in time, but this improved range should be able to cater to nearly everyone that shops with us so far - and we’re so excited to see you in the designs!

As well as our super cute new sizes, we’ve also got some really exciting new styles and colour ways launching. Our bestselling Iconic Zoe Leg Harness will now come in silver toned hardware - perfect if you’re feeling like a cool-toned kind of vibe. Silver has a classic goth vibe which we know so many of you love, so we’re hoping this will become a new fav.

We’re also launching our first ever fashion harness belt. A hybrid between a classic bondage piece and something you’re probably more used to seeing on the high street, this is the perfect beginners style. It is also ideal for anyone who really just likes to use harnesses as a styling piece rather than for kinky stuff. Of course it can be used for that too though. You make the rules around here… it comes in glossy black patent vegan leather and also has silver toned hardware. We think it’s a timeless design you’ll have in your wardrobe for years to come and we can’t wait to see pics of you lovelies in it!

The new collection drops on Thursday 8th December at 6pm, and if you’re signed up to our newsletter as a VIP you’ll be the first to shop it when it launches <3 In the meantime, follow us on TikTok and Instagram and keep your eyes peeled. We’ll be sharing sneak peaks of more and more products in the run up to launch day.

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